IVAR IKS, Stavanger

The construction of the new sorting plant at IVAR IKS was first started in early 2016. It is scheduled to finished in Januari 2019. The plant, the first of its kind, will cover 11.000 m2 and is situated outside of Stavanger in Norway.

The facility will allow for household waste material to be automatically sorted and will increase the recycling of materials in household waste by 25%. This will allow for more of the materials to be used again instead of being incinerated and used for energy.

All the waste materials are first delivered into a sorting hall in the plant and separated into two areas, recyclable paper/cardboard and household waste.

The materials will be stored before being continuously sorted into the plant via conveyors. When storing materials like this it is important to have a sufficient fire detection and suppression system in place in case of a fire starting.
Waste materials decompose during storage which produces heat, that in some cases be the start of a fire.
IVAR therefore has therefore invested in a top of the line, automatic fire suppression system. The system requested was a IR-camera detection system that continuously scans the storage area and alerts personnel in case of detection of a hot spot or rising temperature trends.

In case of a fire, the system automatically sends the detection coordinates to the fire suppression system. The fire suppression system at IVAR consists of two electrically operated fire water monitors that each covers one zone. These monitors are programmed to target the coordinates sent from the camera system and oscillate over the detected hot spot, covering it with water/foam.
The monitors at IVAR has a water capacity of up to 3.000 l/min extinguish and cool the fire.
The fire system will shut down when the camera no longer detects temperatures above the alarm limits (no fire).
Incendium AB delivered a turnkey system with booster pump, manual and electrical valves, control cabinets and electrical operated fire monitors along with the IR-camera system with a thermal camera, visual camera and complete supervising terminals for the control rooms.

The fire system also has the option of being controlled manually by two portable radio controls with joy stick, start/stop function and foam/water option switch.

Incendium also delivered a complete logic system for control of the integration between the IR-camera system and the fire suppression system. This logic system allows for compensation of throw length corrections and precision adjustments based on the specifics if the protected area.
The system is intended as the first line firefighting system at IVAR.

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