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Municipal Waste Incineration

CHP plants using municipal waste is becoming more and more common in Europe. This is a cost effective way to generate heat and energy while using waste as fuel instead of ending up on a dump. Handling municipal waste entails however a risk of fire when compost effect or flammable chemicals easily can get the waste to ignite. These risks are both in storage and handling, and it is therefore important to have adequate fire protection. The CHP plants waste bunkers are often identified as the greatest risk and should therefore be equipped with foam extinguishing protection. The foam in these systems reduces the surface tension, allowing the water to better penetrate the fibrous fuel.

Incendium can deliver complete foam systems that is activated by heat-seeking infrared cameras. Coordinates from the infrared camera system is sent to the foam extinguishing system which in turn applies the foam/water solution where the fire are identified. Fire water cannons sweeps over the area where the high temperature is detected. This allows start of the fire fighting in a very early stage. We provide customized solutions based on our experience and customer requirements, while taking in account of the current regulations.