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Bunded Area

In Tank farms, Oil tanks in bunded areas can successfully be protected by foam systems with the use of fixed Medium Expansion foam generators. Medium Expansion foam (MedEx) is well suited for this type of outdoor application. The foam is heavy enough to flow out quickly and resists the effect of wind, thus efficiently fills the bund with a thick layer of foam. The Foam generator must be positioned over the edge of the dike so that the air used to produce the foam is taken from outside the dike. Contact Incendium for help with the design of bund protection systems.

Incendium can also assist in designing of passive fire protection using foamed glass. This involves placing packages with expanded, foamed glass inside the bund. In case of a fire in the dike the foamed glass floats on the surface on top of the oil and reduces heat radiation efficiently hence simplifying the fire fighting significantly.