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Truck Loading Terminal

Truck unloading of Class 1 and Class 2A-liquids must be protected with fixed foam systems. Incendium has delivered a number of fire suppression systems for this type of application.

This type of truck unloading are generally found at oil depots but also in several process industries. In these places there is often a lack of available heated areas where foam mixing equipment and pumps can be placed. We deliver complete systems built into 20-foot containers with light and heating. These containers are custom built and designed in collaboration with the customer and we offer several different options. The container is delivered as a plug-in solution.

The truck unloading protection normally consists of foam sprinklers that pours foam over truck and cargo space from above. In addition medium expansion foam branch pipes are used for applying a thicker foam blanket over the pool fire or a possible spill. The medium expansion foam is heavy enough for outdoor use and is retained even when affected by wind.