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Elevated helicopter landing pads at, for example, hospitals has to be protected according to different regulations in each country. In most countrys a fire suppression system is required. The design of such a fire suppression can be done in several different ways. For example:

  • Electric fire water monitors with foam
  • Water oscillating monitors
  • Pop-up foam sprinklers
  • Surrounding pipe with mounted foam sprinklers

In almost every scenario, the size of the largest berthing helicopter determines the capacity of the extinguishing system.

This also applies to helicopter platforms on offshore rigs where CAP437 dictates the capacities of the extinguishing systems. In these locations, the only transport alternative is often by helicopter to and from the rig. Normally, there is no other way to extinguish a fire effectively than with a fixed extinguishing system at the landing site.

Incendium has been involved in several projects concerning both land based elevated helipads and offshore helipads.