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An offshore installation contains a large number of fire risk areas. A fire scenario on such a vulnerable place at sea can have devastating consequences in terms of life and property value. Fire protection is therefore taken very seriously on each platforms different applications.
Examples of the applications that needs protection are:

  • Helicopter pad used for the transportation of personnel to and from the platform as well as acting as the main evacuation route in case of an accident on the plattform. The deck is usually protected with foam monitors or with pop-up nozzles fed from a foam dispensing system. Helicopter platforms are design according to a number of current regulations such as CAP437, ABS, DNV, Bureau Veritas, etc. In addition to the fixed system, there are often portable powder and foam extinguishers installed.
  • Areas where flammable materials are handled (oil drilling- and handling at sea) and process areas where the risk of spill and spray fires are tangible. These are usually protected with foam monitors or alternatively open spray nozzles.
  • Engine rooms represents a big risk. These require protection by a fixed fire extinguishing system. Normally, the method used for extinguishing is by gas or liquid. Examples of these are carbon dioxide (CO2), Novec or a water-based foam or water system. Examples of foam systems are foam sprinklers or HIEX / light foam. Water mist for the protection of machinery spaces are also used.
  • Transformer halls / reactor halls (electricity-generating platforms) contains sensitive equipment and the detection of fires at these locations are often based on sampling systems. Extinguishing equipment often consists of a foam sprinkler system or alternatively a gas extinguishing systems.
  • Crew areas where people live during their stay on the platform are normally protected by water mist or sprinklers.
  • Electrical- and data centers as well as control rooms for important functions on board can be protected by, for example Inergen, Novec or water mist.

Incendiums staff has the experience, the necessary training and the certificates to perform work offshore. We currently conduct work pertaining to installation of new fire suppression systems, service, commissioning, sampling detection systems and welding work on several rigs around the world.