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About us

Our staff has extensive experience in fire protection systems trough earlier work at Svenska Skum and Tyco. With our extensive industry experience, Incendium offer everything from complete systems solutions for the delivery of individual products and components. Incendium are retailer and distributor for a number of leading fire protection providers.

We can offer you professional support with a personal touch in the following fields:

Design and planning of fixed fire fighting systems
Sale of foam extinguishing and water mist systems and products
Sale of grounding and lightning protection
Consultancy and Risk Assessment
Commissioning and start up of the fire suppression system
Service and maintenance of fixed extinguishing systems

Our ambition is to work with the customer in mind and with quality at the right price. We prioritize delivery reliability and high service throughout the entire process, from planning to delivery and commissioning. We offer your company customized solutions that fit your needs.

Incendium AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001